On my artistic approach

My work focuses on the relationships between the human body and its psychic and historic environments.
Until the age of twenty I was primarily interested in sounds. Some of the characteristics of sound are still influential on my present works. These are mainly the notion of constant change and the interaction between space and movement.

During my traditional training (intensive figure drawing and figurative sculpture) at the Munich Art Academy I became increasingly interested in inner bodily processes and experiences. Even though bodily perceptions of a site, of an environment are considered marginal, they seemed to have a considerable impact on my experiences. I began to use performance, photography and video to explore the potentials of sites, situations and their influences on the body. I also began to investigate visual languages for inner bodily processes such as meditation, disorientation or memory.

My current work focuses on computer based installations that use site specific movement and sound patterns. I am interested in counteracting the general trend of the disappearance of place and space in electronic media by employing these media for immediate, bodily related experiences; experiences that are created by the interactions between bodies, places, architecture, history and memory. Until today my work has remained as nomadic and ephemeral as the themes it embraces.

> Link toTrans an installation in Vancouver (Canada) 1997